James Irwin

This is the homepage of James Irwin, czlonek (w 22 generacji) duzej rodziny.
James ma 7 ancestors i 84 heirs.

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Nazwisko:James Irwin               
urodzony:1819-11-11 w Champlain, Clinton, New York
zmarl:1906-11-03 w Kincaid, Anderson, Kansas
Ojciec: Isaiah Irwin
Matka: Emily White
W zwiazku:
Married to Deliza Madelia Lombard od 1849-01-25
syn: Albert Isaiah Irwin born 1857-01-06
syn: William Rufus Sr. Irwin born 1859-02-12
syn: James F. Irwin born 1862-09-08
syn: George Irwin born 1865-01-14
syn: Samuel Simonton Irwin born 1868-02-08
córka: Emily Deliza Irwin born 1870-12-17
syn: Son) Irwin born 1873-07-20
miejsca zamieszkania :

J.I. enlisted 12/6/1861 in Company A (Capt. B. D. Townsend),
48th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers. Left thumb blown off by
canon misfire near Corinth, MS. Spinal irritation caused by
exposure and fatigue during forced marches thru Mississippi and
during the seige of Corinth. Medical discharge 10/23/1862.
Left New York state in 1837 for Indiana. Left Indiana for
Kansas in 1870. 1849 marriage verified in county records, book
3, p. 172. War record verified in 1966 (Florence?) in National
Archives. (James & his father went to Indiana)
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