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Nazwisko:Bert King Taggart               
urodzony:1887-06-21 w USA
zmarl:1914-03-05 w Greenfield, MA, USA
Ojciec: John Adams Taggart
Matka: Nena Augusta King
miejsca zamieszkania :
Additional information: from Amherst College Bulletin, Obituary Record, 1914
Bert King Taggart, Amherst College , Class 1910
Bert King Taggart, the son of John A and N Augusta (King) Taggart, was
born in Millers Falls, Mass, June 21, 1887, and was fitted for college
at the Montague (Mass) high school.
After graduation he taught English and history for one year in the
Kent (Conn) school for boys, and then became a member of the reporting
staff of the New York Sun, which positio he held at the time of his
Mr. Taggart died from the effects of an operation for appendicitis,
March 5, 1914, in Greenfield, Mass. The interment was in Highland
Cemetery, Millers Falls, Mass.
Mr Taggart was unmarried.
(He was the son of John Taggart, general manager of the Massachusetts
Consolidated Railways. Died at the Franklin County Hospital. )
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