Wilhemina Emma E. Mumme

This is the homepage of Wilhemina Emma E. Mumme, a member (in the 24th generation) of a great family.
Wilhemina has 58 ancestors and 231 heirs.

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Name:Wilhemina Emma E. Mumme               
Born:1862-08-28 in Germany
Died:1936-09-25 in Unknown
Father: Carl Ludwig Theodore Mumme
Married to Gottfried Lange since 1878-12-23
Son: Ernest Fritz Lange born 1879-06-30
Son: Otto Willis Lange born 1881-09-22
Daughter: Ida Lange born 1883-02-04
Daughter: Alma Lange born about Feb 1885
Daughter: Paula Lange born about Dec 1887
Daughter: Louise Meta Lange born 1891-10-11
Son: Max Adolph Lange born 1895-03-13
Daughter: Elvira Marie Lange born 1900-05-05
Wilhemina Emma Mumme was the second child of Carl Theodore Mumme and Elise Ernst. Emma was born near New Braunfels, Texas on August 28, 1858. She was christened Jun 19, 1862 by Rev. Gustaves Elley at the First Methodist Church there. Emma died September 25, 1936.
Emma's mother died when she was seven years old. Emma remembered that all of the family gathered by the bedside and they all sang a pretty song with her mother just before she died.
Gottfried Lange and Emma eloped December 23, 1878. They lived the first years of their married life on a farm at Albert, Texas, in Gillespie County. In the early 1900's they sold this farm and moved to San Antonio. Here, they owed and operated a chicken farm.
After their retirement, they bought a home in Harper, Texas, where they spent their remaining years.
Gottfried and Emma celebrated their golden wedding anniversary a short time before his death.
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