George Bischof

This is the homepage of George Bischof, a member of a great family.
George has 149 heirs.

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Name:George Bischof               
Born:about 1830 in Roschach
Died:unknown to us
Married to Maria Magdalena Schehr since about 1849
Daughter: Marie Mary Bischof born 1850-01-06
Son: Daniel Amelia Bischof born 1850-12-11
Daughter: Magdalena Maria Bischof born 1854-10-02
Son: George Bischof born 1857-06-30
Son: Valentine Bischof born about 1859
Daughter: Anna Bischof born about 1861
Son: Wudling Bischof born about 1861
Daughter: Elizabeth Bischof born 1865-05-04
Daughter: Louise Bischof born about 1867
Daughter: Caroline Josephine Bischof born 1869-04-28
Little is known of George BischofÂ’s early life. His father died March 20, 1847, when George Bischof was 19 years old.
Less than a month later, George Bischof decided to immigrate and booked passage on the ship NORFOLK to America. Built in 1841, the NORFOLK was an American sailing ship of 548 tons and 17 feet draft. Captained by Seth Rodgers, NORFOLK left Bremen, Germany, on April 12, 1847, and arrived in New Orleans on June 2, 1847. George
Bischof was one of 220 passengers. On the passenger manifest his occupation is listed as being a farmer.
George hat 2 gleichaltrige Schwestern, die 1900 bei ihm leben
Mary Kaufman 50 Sister widowed
Louise Keman 50 Sister clerk widowed
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