Ludwig Albert Mumme

This is the homepage of Ludwig Albert Mumme, a member (in the 23th generation) of a great family.
Ludwig has 60 ancestors and 477 heirs.

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Name:Ludwig Albert Mumme               
Nickname: "Louis"
Ludwig Albert Mumme ~18801880 
Born:1849-08-08 in Medina County, Texas
Died:1900-12-07 in Medina County, Texas
Father: Conrad Theodore Friedrich Mumme
Mother: Phillipina Augusta Tampke
Married to Catherine Grossenbocker since 1872-04-15
Son: William August Mumme born 1873-06-09
Son: Louis William Mumme born 1874-08-13
Son: Otto John Mumme born 1875-05-08
Son: August Charles Mumme born 1875-12-07
Daughter: Lizette Julie Mumme born 1880-03-14
Son: Hugo Mumme born 1881-12-25
Son: Albert August Mumme born 1883-03-30
Son: Ferdinand Frederich Mumme born 1884-11-30
Daughter: Louise Elizabeth Mumme born 1887-08-09
Son: Alvin August Mumme born 1889-08-11
Son: Ben Mumme born about 1890
Son: Robert Louis Mumme born 1891-11-18
Daughter: Amalie Mumme born 1893-04-09
Son: Julius Chas Mumme born 1894-10-24
Daughter: Mary Helen Mumme born 1895-10-05
Son: Earnest Louis Mumme born 1899-02-17
Ludwig, called Louis, Mumme was born August 8, 1849 in Medina County, Texas as the first child of Fritz Mumme and Phillipine Tampke. He married Catharena Grossenbacker April 15, 1872. Ludwig died December 7, 1900 in Medina, Texas.
Ludwig and Catharena had eleven sons and four daughters. Katie lived at the Fritz and Philipine Mumme homeplace until she died January 1934.
William August Mumme (1873-1943)
Louis A. Mumme (1874-1956)
August Charles Mumme (1875-1967)
Otto J. Mumme (1878-1928)
Lizette Julie Mumme (1880-1976)
Hugo Mumme (1881-1963)
Albert J. Mumme (1883-1959)
Ferdinand Frederich Mumme, Sr. (1884-1967)
Louise Elizabeth Mumme (1877-1978)
Alvin August Mumme (1889-1968)
Ben Mumme (1890-1891)
Robert Louis Mumme (1892)
Amelia Mumme (1893-1965)
Julius Mumme (1894-1959)
Mary Mumme (1895)
Earnest Louis Mumme (1899-1974)
IM Census 1900 Medina, texas leben noch 12 Kinder bei ihm. Otto, August und Ben sind nicht mehr dabei..
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