Katherine Ruff

This is the homepage of Katherine Ruff, a member (in the 22th generation) of a great family.
Katherine has 1819 heirs.

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Name:Katherine Ruff               
Born:about 1800 in Deutschland
Died:unknown to us
Married to Carl F Blumberg since 1821-01-01
Son: Julius Ferdinand Blumberg born about 1823
Son: August Blumberg born about 1829
Daughter: Henrietta Blumberg born about 1831
Daughter: Albertine Louise Bertha Blumberg born about 1832
Son: Fritz A. Blumberg born 1833-12-20
Son: Ernst Edgar Blumberg born 1836-02-19
Daughter: Hulda Blumberg born about 1838
From the Book of the Blumberg Klan we read:
the wife of our ancestor, was born in Germany. She was a very devoted spouse, true, faithful and self-sacrificing. She was the very best of mothers.
The Blumbergs had all the comforts of life in Germany, She knew what it meant to leave a life of civilization, go into a new, unknown country and start life over again, But she did not grumble when her husband told her to leave one of the children behind., She had a premonition that she would never see him again this side of the grave. Her so called "Ahnungen" (visions adm.) became true. August never followed his parents to America.
But life in Texas was not so disagreeable, after all. When the epidemic was conquered, a little farm acquired, a house built, and cows and chickens adorned the barnyard, it became a happy home. But for her it was only a short duration. The gruesome reaper came too early, took away her life partner and the father of her children. But she had faith in God. Her husband had adopted the new fatherland for the sake of the children; she made up her mind to accomplish a bright future for her offspring. When grandfather was buried she took into her hands the reins of management. Three children were unmarried. She managed the farm, kept the accounts, saw that the budget was balanced. Even after Ernst and Fritz were married for several years, the title of the farm was in her name. When all the debts and mortgages were paid off, she paid the claims of Julius and Bertha, and then gave the other children their share. This done, she retired and henceforth made her home with her son Ernest. Up to this time, three families were living in her home: the ___ mother, and the families of Fritz and Ernest.
The former raised seven children in this home, and Ernest five, while living with the mother; and not once was there a quarrel among the children and with the daughter-in-laws, or between the daughter-in-laws. All lived together in harmony in a house having only a few rooms. Where can such a record be beaten?
I said grandmother retired, but did she? No. She was watching henceforth that big bird that left little Blumbergs, Koepsels, Elleys and Kaisers in the homes of these people; and the visits of this bird were quite frequent, and grandmother's visits tallied with those of the stork. She was always on the spot, nursing the mother and welcoming the new clan member.
Descendants of this noble grandmother, should you ever visit the Schumannsville Cemetery, look up the grave of Catherine Blumberg; it is next to that of our ancestor. A similar yellow sandstone marks the grave and when you stand there, bow your head and thank your Creator for having given you such a noble "Ahnmutter. ("clan mother" admin)"
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