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This is the homepage of August Blumberg, a member (in the 23th generation) of a great family.
August has 2 ancestors and 3 heirs.

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Name:August Blumberg               
Born:about 1829 in Kokocko, Posen, Prussia
Died:unknown to us
Father: Carl F Blumberg
Mother: Katherine Ruff
Married to Bertha Runde since 1001-01-01
Son: Hugo Blumberg born about 1864
From the Blumberg Klan Book (Author C. F. Blumberg published 1938):
August, the third child of our grandparents, was sixteen years old when the Blumbergs emigrated. The son, a very gifted and intelligent boy, begged his parents to permit him to stay in Germany for the present, to finish his education. His desire was granted. August had been sent to a gymnasium to prepare himself or the profession of teaching. His mother took it very hard to leave one child behind, but she consented.
August did not need to go through the troubles and tribulations connected with selecting a new, foreign and unsettled country and founding a new home, but he was also denied the pleasure of associating with his kinfolks. Excepting his brother Fritz, he never saw any of his relatives again, but a fine correspondence was kept up between him and his father. This suddenly ceased after a few years. August received a letter from Texas, stating that his father had died. This caused a great grief. He had finished his education, had been appointed to a good school, and had married. His partner was Bertha Runde, a highly cultured lady and a true helpmate. She presented him with a fine boy, which at baptism received the name Hugo. All love and affection was concentrated on this, their only child. The father took special pains of his education. His main desire was that Hugo would select the father's and grandfathers vocation, that of teaching. The Lord granted him his wish. Hugo chose this profession and greatly excelled his ancestors in the accomplishments which will shortly show.
His father has kept up a correspondence with brother Fritz. Thirty-five years have elapsed since the emigration of his parents, August greatest desire was to experience to see once more some of his Texas relatives. One day a telegram arrived in the home of August in Hannover, We should have stated that my uncle had buried Aunt Bertha, his wife, and now made his home with his children, Hugo and his noble, friendly wife, Anna Brasser, who both did all on their power to make it agreeable for their parent, but the man felt lonesome since his spouse left him. When that telegram arrived, Hugo opened it and read that Fritz had arrived in Germany and would shortly call. Hugo told his father to prepare for the greatest joy of his life, and then handed him the telegram. August, for joy, did not sleep anymore, nor eat. He met every train on which he suspected his brother. Finally, he was persuaded by Anna to stay at home. Couse_____ lative from Texas would find him surely wrote. The next day August looked out of the window and saw a hack in front of his house, and out of the hack came an old man with a satchel. With one or two leaps, August was down the stairs and close to the hack.
Now let us drop a curtain and ascertain later what happened. When my father came back from Germany, I was very inquisitive and wanted to know how he met his brother. and how they both introduced themselves. Now let us raise the curtain again and relate it as my father told me.
As the hack stopped, my father saw an old man stumbling down the stairs, leaping towards him; the next moment they were in each other's arms, hugged each other and let their tears have a free channel for several minutes. Finally, August loosened the embrace , took father's hand and said: "Welcome, Fritz, a thousand times welcome in Germany and our home!"
In the house, Hugo and Anna embraced their uncle and kissed him. I asked father, how they knew, he and August were the right party without introduction, to which my father only grinned. The three months' stay in August's home compensated the brothers for all they missed in their long separation. Father related all of his experiences in Texas during the last 35 years.
But the greatest surprise for my father was Hugo's private academy. He had in Hannover a castle-like school building in which were engaged and paid by him 32 assistants. --- Surely, the Blumberg's characteristic, "they paddle their own canoe", stood out prominently here.
The three months spent together were very pleasant for both. father visited his old homeland in Prussia, but found only a hollow place where his cradle stood, He felt like in a dream. He then visited some of his school mates. I recall the name Fenske, with whom he attended father's school years ago. Fenske took father out riding in a fine hack, with a driver on the "Bock". The "Bauern" ( farmers are the elite in Germany). They wore stovepipe hats and broadcloth garments and are as great as the salve barons were in ---- before the Civil War.
But the time came when father bid adieu to his homeland and relatives. After a few years, notice came that August had left for the home above. And shortly before the World War, Cousin Anna wrote he uncle that even Hugo had left.
When my son-in-law Andrew Traeger visited Germany a few years ago, I begged him to hunt Cousin Anna, He promised. At the same time I wrote a letter of introduction to Cousin Anna, stating that may son-in-law, the father of four fine children , would soon call.
Now I will drop the curtain again and let Andrew repeat what he told us at the first Reunion. Andrew said , he arrived at Hannover and was wondering how the meetings with his father-in-law's relatives would be, He walked up the three stairs, knocked at the door, or rather, rang the bell. A fine, cultured lady, well-dressed, opened the door, and when she saw him, she threw her arms around him, and said: "Welcome, An-dre-as!" (Accent on the "e").
It took Andrew some time to come back from heaven to earth again. His first thought was, "Why! Why! My father-in-law must have written an excellent letter of introduction." __ But before he had recovered from the shock, Cousin Anna was at the telephone, talking to her son Fritz. "Fritz, An-dre-as has arrived. He looks young for having already four children. I think he married a widow."
Fritz, his wife Ida Jaencke, and daughter Liesel, were soon introduced and the day was spent in sightseeing. Andrew must have made a fine impression, because my cousin wrote me: "Carl, what a fine son-in-law you have." I wrote back: "I know it, for I picked out the best of all the boys for the husband of my only daughter."
Andrew, his mother, his wife, and son Kimble, visited Anna two years later, and her hospitality was repeated. A little later, cousin Hilda (Mrs. Hilmar Weinert) and her daughter Jane visited our relatives. One day Fritz, the son of Cousin Anna, who was named after my father, wrote that his mother had gone to meet her loved ones beyond.
Fritz Blumberg, a celebrated and distinguished lawyer, his wife Ida, and daughter Elizabet, are the only relatives we have in Germany, and are the only descendants of the August Blumberg branch. Fritz wrote me a letter recently, stating that the Blumbergs had also had a reunion in Germany, their Silver Wedding, but only three members were present. Elizabet is a "schoolma'am." Perhaps they will be able to attend the next Reunion here.
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