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This is the homepage of Fritz A. Blumberg, a member (in the 23th generation) of a great family.
Fritz has 2 ancestors and 289 heirs.

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Name:Fritz A. Blumberg               
Born:1833-12-20 in Kokocko, Posen, Prussia
Died:1912-01-01 in Seguin, Guadalupe, Texas
Father: Carl F Blumberg
Mother: Katherine Ruff
Married to Emma Weisbach since 1855-01-01
Son: Gustav E Blumberg born about 1857
Son: Fritz Blumberg born about 1858
Daughter: Emma Blumberg born about 1859
Son: Bruno Blumberg born about 1861
Son: Robert E. Blumberg born about 1863
Son: Carl F. Blumberg born about 1864
Daughter: Mary Blumberg born about 1866
Daughter: Rosalie Blumberg born about 1867
Son: Louis Blumberg born about 1869
Son: Willie E. Blumberg born about 1872
Son: Henry E. Blumberg born about 1874
Daughter: Julia Blumberg born about 1876
From the Blumberg Klan Book (Author C. F. Blumberg published 1938):
was twelve years old when he landed in Indianola. He inherited from his parents the religious trend. He has stated again and again that he cannot remember a time or a moment in his life in which he did not revere and love his God; surely a proof that children ca be trained in infancy into a religious life, and that childrean as a rule will follow the footsteps of their parents.
My father was a gifted boy, much above the average. Although he attended school only until his twelfth year, yet he wrote and spoke the German language grammatically correct, and by self-instruction he mastered English to some extent. He and his brother Ernest never took a minute's lessor on the organ or the piano, but both were proficient players on these instruments, having acquired this knowledge, merely by watching their father giving musical instruction to other pupils. Fritz A. Blumberg was for many years the Organist in Seguin churches.
In his twenty-second year, he married my mother, Emma Weisbach, the oldest daughter of Robert Weisbach of New Braunfels. Mother made him a good companion and partner. Together they toiled and labored, and by good management accumulated, earthly goods and acquired several farms, so that they were able to give each child who became a farmer, a nice farm. We were 14 in our family; the parents, eight boys and four girls. For a period of a few years we all sat around the same table, all had a good appetite and enjoyed eating, and had to work very hard, and all grew up health and strong to mature manhood and womanhood. In due time, the number around the table deceased; all founded a family of their own until the parents were again alone.
In the biographocal sketch of Catherine Ruff Blumberg. it was mentioned that for many years three families lived in the same house. This is contrary to the present day advice that children should not live with their parents in the same house, but Fritz A. Blumberg's family and Ernest Blumberg's family proved that several families can live happily under the same roof. But perhaps the noble grandmother deserved most of the credit. and it was, and is quite a compliment to the two sister-in-laws, my mother and Aunt Margarete also.
I mentioned that my father was a religious man. He proved it during his earhtly career. He was always at the head of all religious movements, was one of the founders of the Schumannsville and Guadalupe Valley churches, was for many years trustee and steward. When in 1882 Blinn College was founded, my father furnished the first pupil, and gave the newly founded school sixty acres of land near Muehville, which would today come very handy for a suburb site.
In 1900, he purchased on Austin Street in Seguin a fine big parcel of land. Four years later, he and his son Robert made the German Methodists a present of this lot. Today the beautiful Austin Street Methodist Church stands on this lot.
Fritz Blumberg also had a political career. He was once Justice of the Peace and Captain of a company that he organized when there was trouble in Austin, During the war, he was a private in Governor Ireland's company. At Indianola, during the bombardment by the Yankee Captain Kitridge, my father's life was saved by a dream. -- He dreamed that a cannon ball from Kitridge's boat came flying, struck down a man in front of him and came down where he was standing. -- The next day everything happened as he saw it in his dream. He jumped aside, and the cannon ball missed him, but stunned the other man.
As a little boy, I was always wondering why my father was always a leader. One day I found out. School was to begin in a week. During vacation the well caved in and had to be cleaned out. All the schools patrons were ordered to be present on a certain date. I was permitted to accompany my father. He had just bought a fine pair of Kentucky mules, some seventeen hands high. When we came to the school house, a consultation was held, and it was decided to remove the caved in rocks. A big moccasin snake was seen among the rocks. my father called for volunteers, but no one of the twelve men responded.. Then a pulley was put above the well and my father went down into the well, tied a rope around a rock, came up, hitched those kentucky mule to the other end of the rope, took the line and said: "Get up!". This was repeated 32 times. On this day I learnt the lesson how to become a leader.
Two years after the F.A. Blumberg family left Schumannsville, they acquired the beautiful Morrison farm, where the author of this spent his happy childhood days. In 1893 father moved to Seguin, where he died in 1912. My mother outlived him five years.
Both rest now in the Riverside Cemetery in Seguin, side by side. When I visit their grave and look around, and when I see nobody, I take off my hat and thank God that he has given me noble parents, and although they might have had faults, they were instrumental that all of their children fear God. --- The greatest gift to any child is true Christian parentage.
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