Julius Ferdinand Blumberg

This is the homepage of Julius Ferdinand Blumberg, a member (in the 23th generation) of a great family.
Julius has 2 ancestors and 13 heirs.

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Name:Julius Ferdinand Blumberg               
Born:about 1823 in Kokocko, Posen, Prussia
Died:1892-01-01 in San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Father: Carl F Blumberg
Mother: Katherine Ruff
Married to Otillie Hartung since 1001-01-01
Married to Carolina Hartung since 1001-01-01
Son: Ferdinand Blumberg born about 1858
Daughter: Mary H Blumberg born about 1859
Son: Frederick William Blumberg born 1861-06-01
From the Blumberg Klan Book: (Author C. F. Blumberg published 1938):
was the oldest child of our ancestor, a fine boy, and a perfect specimen of well developed manhood. He was of an adventurous disposition. The news that his father would join the immigrants, he received with the greatest delight; in Texas he would have a chance to expand. He was his father's right hand in the preparation of the train, helping him to hitch the mares and yoke the oxen. When our ancestor purchased another yoke of steers in the New Braunfels, Julius advanced to the position of ox driver. A week after their arrival in New Braunfels, our ancestor and Julius drove back to Indianola to get a "Landsmann", Peter Zabel by name; but they found him sick in Victoria and he could not be moved.
Julius helped his father clear the lots in Frederiksburg and build an arbor. He himself was the proud owner of a city lot in that town and --- was also promised 320 acres of Vereins land. But his ambition was higher than being a rancher near the wild Indians, He went back with parents to New Braunfels.
Travelling through Guadalupe County; he spied a fine looking girl in what is now Zuehl settlement, Ottilie Hartung by name, the aunt of Louis Hartung, who at present is still residing there. He courted her, won her, and married her; but after a year he buried his sweetheart and the little daughter she gave him. Sad on account of this bereavement, he left Texas and went to the New Orleans, Louisiana. He stayed there only a short time. He joined a band of gold seekers and went to California, but instead of digging and washing gold, he entered upon a business and speculating career. Soon he was on the road of becoming a millionaire, a goald he would have reached soon, if all had been as honest as he was. He later became an insurance man and a banker. As such he had the confidence of all. He stood high in society and in the business world of San Francisco.
In the fifties, he found an agreeable and fine partner in Carolina Hartung, a highly cultured lady.She was not related to his first spouse, although bearing the same name. The family was a happy one. She presented him with three fine children: Mary, Ferdinand, and Fredrick William. Mary (Mrs. George W. McKean) is still alive and resides now in Oakland, California.
Julius Blumberg died in 1892, and our aunt Carolina, his wife, in 1908. Ferdinand never ,married, but Julius' other son (Frederick William) had three children: Fredrick Charles, Helen and Julius Ferdinand. Fredrick Charles married Kathleen Burke and they are the parents of three children: Barbara, Frederic Jr., and Kathleen. Barbara seems to be a literary genius She was instrumental to enable me to write a clan's book, and to get the family record of her great-grandfathers descendants. The Julius Blumberg branch has to its credit twenty-five (25) descendants, relatives by blood and marriage. "
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