Henry T. Mumme

This is the homepage of Henry T. Mumme, a member (in the 24th generation) of a great family.
Henry has 63 ancestors.

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Name:Henry T. Mumme               
Born:1870-07-17 in Germany
Died:1947-03-02 in Unknown
Father: Carl Ludwig Theodore Mumme
Mother: Maria Willmann
Married to Ida Fischer since 1893-01-01
1910 Merchant Farmer
Henry Mumme was the first child of Carl Theodore Mumme and his second wife, Maria Willmann. He was born July 17, 1870. He married Ida Fischer in 1893. She was born in 1869 and died July 11, 1942.
The following information was quoted from the Atascosa County Centennial Program and History - 1856 to 1956.
"In 1898, the Poteet Post Office was moved to the store of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Theodore Mumme.
"The terrible drought of 1902 ruined the cotton crop, but it was to prove the making of the town of Poteet, for it spurred Mr. Mumme to hunt for and find water. In 1904, his crews drilled deep, hit the Carrizo Strata, and water came in like a gusher. Mr Mumme grew a few strawberries after his well came in, but he had little time to exploit his hobby. The idea stayed with him, however, and a few years passed before he could make his dream come true.
"In 1909, Dr. C. F. Simmons of "Simmons' Liver Regulator" built the railroad on the right-of-way given by Charlie Ernst and Mrs. Mumme. Mr. Mumme and his wife eventually deeded 300 acres of pasture land to the Poteet Townsite Company for the founding of a community.
"In 1910, a new Mumme store was opened - this included a post-office in the store.
"Mr. Mumme continued to amaze his fellow men. In 1911, he grew strawberries which were purchased by a San Antonio hotel at $10.00 a crate. Next, Mr. Mumme brought in a coal mine; however the product was soft coal, unpopular at the time, and the deposit also played out after several shipments had been made.
"On January 5, 1913, while everyone in town was attending a funeral, the printing office and several other stores all went up in flames. Henry Mumme lost everything in the fire.
"After his wife, Ida, died, Henry Mumme spent his remaining years with his sister, Ada Maria Ernst."
There is no record of any children born to this union.
Note: In subsequent years, Poteet, Texas has billed itself as the Strawberry Capital of the World.
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