Joseph Henry Allspaugh

This is the homepage of Joseph Henry Allspaugh, a member (in the 21th generation) of a great family.
Joseph has 64 heirs.

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Name:Joseph Henry Allspaugh               
Born:1815-02-25 in Lancaster, Fairfield, Ohio
Died:1894-04-07 in Mt. Vernon, Knox, Ohio
Married to Mary Jane Reeder since 1001-01-01
Married to first wife ? since 1837-01-01
Daughter: Emma Caroline Allspaugh born 1839-02-26
Son: Harrison Allspaugh born about 1840
Son: Samuel Allspaugh born about 1840
Son: Henry Clay Allspaugh born 1850-02-01
Son: George W. Allspaugh born about 1851
Son: James Fillmore Allspaugh born about 1852
Son: Youta Wilson Allspaugh born about 1861

Possible parents: At 03:52 PM 9/20/98 PDT, 'C. Montrose'
<cmontrose&#64;> wrote: Date: Sunday, September 20,
1998 15:51:20 To: 'dcrane&#64;
Hi, found a Henry ALSBAUGH Jr., who died in Fairfield Co. Ohio
sometime around 1832. His widow was Maria. Heirs were minors:
Elizabeth, Joseph, Bernard, Matilda & Daniel ALSBAUGH (dec'd).
Also Margaret, w/o John NICODEMUS, John ALSBAUGH, Henry
ALSBAUGH, Catharine w/o Joseph SHAEFER, Susan, w/o Aaron
SHAEFFER, and Polly, w/o Henry Ferdinand YESTING. John ALSBAUGH
and his wife, Catharine, were living in Marion Co., Ohio.
Suppose this might be your family?
Carol Alt. address: cmontros&#64;

Possible brother: Samuel Allbaugh died in Knox County 1/25/1889
age 80/9/3. Born Westmoreland Co., PA. But his death record
says he was born in 1818, not 1808. His wife Lavina was born
in Ohio. They are buried in St. John's Cemetery, Knox County,
OH. They are listed in St. John's in both volume 1 and volume 2
of the Knox County cemeteries book.

Possible sister-in-law: Martha Allbaugh died in Knox County
3/22/1892 age 76/2/0. She was born in Fredericktown, PA.

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