James Ewing

This is the homepage of James Ewing, a member (in the 21th generation) of a great family.
James has 4 ancestors and 73 heirs.

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Name:James Ewing               
Born:1800-01-15 in West Twp, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Died:1884-12-14 in Hebron, Licking, Ohio
Father: Samuel Jr. Ewing
Mother: Elizabeth ?
Married to Julia Catherine Weatherwax since 1001-01-01
Married to Amanda M. F. Atkinson since 1835-11-01
: Unknown Child Ewing born about 1837
Son: Edward Frank Ewing born 1839-06-22
Son: Franklin Peabody Ewing born about 1842
Son: Samuel J. Ewing born 1843-02-08
Daughter: Julia Ewing Atkinson born about 1849

James was said to be a cousin of Senator Thomas Ewing of Ohio;
no proof of it. I've searched the Senator's personal papers in
the Library of Congress and it's clear to me that his family
was not closely related to mine.

As a boy, James Ewing moved to Zanesville, Muskingum, OH where
he began medical practice. He moved to Putnam, Muskingum, OH
briefly and then to Hebron, Licking, OH about 1826. He
practiced there for sixty years. Member of the Methodist
Episcopal Church. Politically he was a Whig until the
Republican Party was formed when he switched. Very active in
public affairs but never sought office. He was also a Mason.

Ewing Irwin believes that there was a Presbyterian minister in
Pennsylvania in the family. He was unsure of the name (Ewing,
Locke, Or Irwin) but I can find no reference to Pennsylvania
outside of the Ewing family.

He also believes that he has paperwork showing the Ewings and
Irwins served in the same part of the Revolutionary Army; he
promised to try to find it after Christmas.

(2 Dec 2000 conversation with Ewing Irwin)

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