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Name:?M Irwin               
Born:about 1738 in Cavan, Ireland
Died:unknown to us
Son: William Irwin born about 1764
Son: John Irwin born about 1775

a compilation from various sources)

with contributions by Samuel S. Irwin, Kincaid, Kansas.

Our branch of the Irwin family came to America from County
Cavan, Ireland, about 1798, and landed in New York City. Two
brothers, William and John, came at this time, William being
married [to Sarah Smith] and John being single. Family
tradition tells me that this John Irwin went to Carolina within
a year from the landing, while William settled at the village
of Champlain, in Clinton County, New York State. The names
given the male children of our family have been uniformly
William, John, James, George and Isaiah. Of the Carolina Irwin
we never heard, except one, who had every characteristic of our
branch of the family in form and feature.

William Irwin of Champlain, N.Y., had two sons, James and
Isaiah, the latter of whom is the grandsire of the writer. The
family left Clinton County, NY., in 1836, and removed to
Elkhart County, Indiana. James Irwin, father of the writer,
removed to Kansas in 1870, where he remained until his death at
Kincaid, in 1906, at the age of 87.

The following is the outline of the family, so far as we have
been able to learn.

1/1 John Irwin, born Ireland, 1775, County Cavin, Ireland;
came to South Carolina 1798. (Nothing furthur known)
1/1 William Irwin, born County Cavin, Ireland, 1770:
came to New York 1798.
2/1 James Irwin, born Champlain, N.Y., 1799; came West
in 1836 and settled in Cass County, Michigan: had sons named
John, George, and James.
2/2 Isaiah Irwin, born Champlain, N.Y., 1800; married
Emily White.
3/1 James Irwin, born Champlain, N.Y., Nov.8 1819:
married Deliza M. Lumbard.
4.1 Albert Isaiah, born Jan. 6, 1857 is located
at Odem, Texas
4.2 William R., born Feb. 12, 1859 is at
Kincaid, Kansas
4.3 James F., born Sept.8, 1862 is at Kincaid,
4.4 George (died at 9 months of age)
4.5 Samuel S, born Feb 8, 1868 is at Kincaid,
Kansas ; at which place the writer is postmaster
4.6 Emily D., born Dec. 17 1870, married
R.S.Shields - is at Kincaid, Kansas
3/2 Wintworth Irwin, born Champlain, N.Y., married
Sarah Marshall Michigan
3/3 William Irwin, born - removed to Oregon in 1849;
whereabouts now unknown.
3/4 Pliny Irwin, married Susan Hull, Elkhart, Ind.;
died 1906.
3/5 Mary Irwin, married Richard Rush, Elkhart, Ind.
3/6 Abigail Irwin, married Jack Hull, Elkhart, Ind.
3/7 Millie Irwin, married Charles Hulburt.

From: Leslie Mc Keague <mckeague&#64;iol.ie>
To: Dave Crane <dcrane&#64;hal-pc.org>
Subject: Re: Irwins in County Caven
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 16:33:29 +0100

Hello Dave,

Apologies for delay in reply to your query, Coroneary Church
was the home of Irwin's during the 1700s/1800s although none
remain today, seven families of Irwin's attended back then.

The oldest surviving baptismal register commences 1764 so if
your Irwins attended there they should be listed. Rev Taylor
borrowed it recently, as soon as it is returned I will have a
look and let you know.

Did you know we found the ancestors of the current Canadian
Ambassador to Ireland Mr Ronald A. Irwin in this records just
last year ?

Marriage records only go back to 1860 in Corroneary Church, I
assume you viewed the Church at

Will be in touch soon.
Regards, Leslie.

Had queries recently from the following looking up Irwins in
Cavan :

Diane Wagner diwag&#64;home.com
Bill Irwin bill&#64;irwin.gen.nz

Following is from the Coroneary, Cootehill, Co. Cavan
Presbyterian church site:

Coroneary Church is situated between Bailieborough andCootehill
amidst the Cavan drumlins. From Bailieborough travel on the
Cavan Rd. 1.8 miles turn right, and 4.5 miles further in the
village of Canningstown turn right, a further 1.7 miles turn
left at cross-roads and in less than .4 miles you will find
the Church.

The Congregation was in the process of formation by 1755, the
first Minister Rev. John Craig was ordained to the joint
congregations of Coroneary and Cootehill in 1764, the Meeting
House having been built prior to this. In 1791 the current
Church was built on the site of the old Meeting House.

The congregation consists of 29 families, with 70 persons of
all ages connected to the Church, mainly from a farming
background.At special times such as Christmas, Easter,
Harvest Thanksgivings, and when a fifth Sunday occurs in the
month Coroneary joins with the other two Churches in the group
Trinity Bailieborough, and 1st. Bailieborough (Corglass), for a
joint Service of Worship at 11a.m. alternating between

Most of the activities outside Sunday Worship are with the
other congregations in our group. Bible Study in the Manse on
alternate Thursday nights, The J Club meets fortnightly to
cater for music, art, and drama with a Christian bias for
National School children while Focus, our youth fellowship,
meets in the Manse on a monthly basis, as well as attending
P.Y.M. activities. Table tennis on Saturday nights in the
Church Hall.

If you are visiting our area on a Sunday afternoon, we would
love to have you with us for worship and would assure you of a
sincere welcome.

Church Record inquiries to: Leslie McKeague, email:

From: George Haynes <haynes&#64;ameritech.net>
To: Dave Crane <dcrane&#64;hal-pc.org>
Subject: Re: Anderson - Irwin at Coroneary in Cavan
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 22:11:48 -0500

Dave, Have you looked at the film of the Coroneary baptismal
records? Have you seen the book "Knockbride a History."?
There were a number of Irwin
families at Coroneary. I took I quick look at the Valuation of
Tenements in the 1850's which was after your people left but it
gives you an idea of
possible townlands and found a James Irwin in Knocknalosett
leasing 38 acres and a Samuel Irwin also there leasing 23
acres. The Tithes [1823ish] give
a Widow Irwin and a David Irwin in Glassdrumman, and a James
[13 acres] and two John's [3 and 5] in Knocknalosett. A John
Irwin registered two guns and
a pistol in Knocklanosett circa 1799.

My wife's Anderson's were from Knocknalosett as back as far as
1619 when an Alexander Anderson leased 19 acres. The earliest
I can find an Irwin is
the 1630 Muster Roll with a George Irwin in Coroneary.

Knocknalosett seems to be your best bet. I would suggest
looking at Memorials in The Registry of Deeds. This is indexed
by both Surname and
Townland. You would need to take a trip to Salt Lake City or
Dublin to do this properly. If you haven't checked the
Coroneary records, I can do that
for you at some point in the future. They go back to 1766 but
are incomplete.


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