Heinrich Carl Ferdinand Mumme

This is the homepage of Heinrich Carl Ferdinand Mumme, a member (in the 23th generation) of a great family.
Heinrich has 57 ancestors and 379 heirs.

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Name:Heinrich Carl Ferdinand Mumme               Heinrich Carl Ferdinand Mumme ~19001900 
Born:1840-08-08 in Herzogthum Braunschweig, Germany
Died:1922-10-25 in Kenedy, Karnes Co., TX
Father: Ludwig Heinrich Gottfried Mumme
Mother: Magdalene Wagner
Married to Otelia Sasse since 1863-01-01
Son: Louis Carl Mumme born 1865-06-18
Son: Carl Theodore Mumme born 1867-02-16
Son: Otto Frederick Mumme born 1871-01-20
Son: Hugo Mumme born about 1873
Daughter: Janella Otilla Mumme born 1877-11-19
Daughter: Annie Alvine Mumme born 1880-11-19
Son: Benjamin George Mumme born 1888-01-23
Son: Eddie Mumme born 1891-02-02
1862 Pastor
Methodist Minister
1910 - Kenedy
left Bremen, Germany on Sep 29, 1849. After being on the seas for seven weeks and three days, in a sailing ship, they landed at Galveston, Texas in December of 1849.
Ferdinand Mumme, the second son of Ludwig and Marie Mumme, was born August 8, 1840 in Herzogthum, Braunschweig, Germany. The family left Germany when Ferdinand was nine years old and settled in Medina County, Texas.
Ferdinand became a convert to God at the age of 16. At the first encampment in Soldie Camp held, not too far from Vandenberg, he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, South at the age of 17 years. In this congregation which is called New Fountain today, he received his license in 1862 as local pastor.
During the years, the Rev. Ferdinand Mumme and his family had twenty-one different charges during their ministerial journey. They moved from place to place in ox-carts, wagons, horseback, buggies, and trains, living on a salary some years as low as $90.; however they felt that God would in some way provide for them which He would in some way do before the year was out.
After being superannuated by the Methodist Church, Rev. Ferdinand and his wife made their home in Kenedy in 1910. He preached at the Ellison Ranch until he was 80 years old. He delivered his last sermon at the annual conference at San Antonio in Travis Park Methodist Church where he was superannuated. Mrs. Ferdinand Mumme and many family members heard his last sermon and the bishop, shortly after his sermon, had the congregation sing Rev. Ferdinand's favorite song - "Nearer My God to Thee." He made this sermon in 1920 at the age of 80 and two years. Later, on Oct. 25, 1922, he died and was buried at Kenedy, Texas.
2007: Perry United Methodist Church will celebrate its 135th year in ministry on Sunday, June 24. Founded in 1872 by circuit rider Rev. Ferdinand Mumme in the pioneer home of
German immigrant Theodore Ruesse (Rice) along with five other German immigrant farming families. Originally the congregation was known as the German Salem Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Worship services were held on alternate Sundays in the Ruesse home until continuous growth in membership resulted in the building of the current church in 1884. The first worship service was held in the new church building in February, 1885. Worship services were conducted in German until the 1920's and after the 1940's
the German language disappeared from the weekly worship except for special occasions. Perry UMC continues to be a vibrant part of the spiritual life in northern Falls County, Texas as we remember our past in ministry and reach out into the future for new opportunities to serve our Lord and Savior..
Ferdinand's page in the Mumme book;
Ferdinand's life in the Mumme Book;
One church founded by Ferdinand. Organized in 1872 west of Perry in home of Theodore Reusse (Rice) by a circuit rider, the Rev. F. Mumme.
One church founded by Ferdinand. Organized in 1872 west of Perry in home of Theodore Reusse (Rice) by a circuit rider, the Rev. F. Mumme.
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