Timothy Noyes

This is the homepage of Timothy Noyes, a member (in the 16th generation) of a great family.
Timothy has 14 ancestors and 18 heirs.

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Name:Timothy Noyes               
Born:1655-06-23 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Died:1718-08-21 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Father: Nicholas Noyes
Mother: Mary Cutting
Married to Mary Knight since 1680-01-13
Daughter: Rachel Noyes born 1681-12-08
Son: James Noyes born 1682-03-12
Son: Abigail Noyes born 1684-02-22
Son: Mary Noyes born 1686-12-08
Daughter: Sarah Noyes born 1689-03-26
Son: Timothy Noyes born 1690-01-02
Daughter: Rachel Noyes born 1693-02-08
Son: Isaac Noyes born about 1694
Son: John Noyes born 1695-02-19
Daughter: Martha Noyes born 1696-03-14
Son: Nicholas Noyes born 1701-03-07

Credited with service in King Philip's war (Nov. 24, 1676).
Inventory of will was taken Nov., 1718. Legatees were named:
Wife Mary was to have the westerly end of the house; James to
have one-fourth of the freehold in the upper woods, which his
father gave the testator, also his part of the rate lot; Isaac
(deceased), who left wife Jane and child Enoch under 21;
Nicholas to be clothes etc, if he learn the trade or mystery of
a doctor; Timothy to have the residue, to include most of the
real estate, and if he should decease without children, the
same to go to said James to be paid out to the other heirs, as
Timothy should, and James to be the executor; Abigail, then
unmarried; Sarah, who had received a portion of her share;
Martha, who had already a part of her share; Mary, then
unmarried; Rachael, then unmarried; the daughters Abigail, Mary
and Rachael to have liberty to dwell in the back room of the
house until married; Abigail to have liberty to take wood from
his land at the Neck. His real estate 'homestead, 8 acres,
valued £200; ten acres in the great field, £24; four acres of
land, little meadow, £20; six acres of woodland at the Neck,
£30; the wood lots and right in the common, £16; quarter of the
Freehold & River lots, £70; quarter of the rate lot upper
woods, £80; about 14 acres of salt meadow, £70. Inventory £809,
10 shillings.' The headstone at his grave is still standing in
the Newbury cemetery. Savge, Vol. 3, p.298: Freeman 1684. Noyes
Pedigree: He was made freeman 13 Feb 1684.
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