John Noyes

This is the homepage of John Noyes, a member (in the 16th generation) of a great family.
John has 14 ancestors.

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Name:John Noyes               
Born:1645-01-20 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Died:1904-08-17 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Father: Nicholas Noyes
Mother: Mary Cutting

From 'Genealogical Record of Noyes descendents': John
purchased property for home in 'Farms District' after former
owner, John Hull, died in 1670. 'The house, a substantial
ediface, was built in a style unusual for a farmhouse in those
early days. The front hall is maniscotted, and a handsome
staircase with the elaborately curved balusters, these
fashonable for the first class mansions, leads to the second
story. The kitchen...was huge even for the period; an ox could
have roasted whole in its capacious recess. This homestead was
descended from John of the second generation, to his son and
grandson Daniel, to Maj. Samuel, to Samuel his son and was
owned in 1879 by his son, Luther Noyes. Declared freeman 1674
He was listed in the 1688 Newbury tax roll at 5+13 acres. He
was listed as deceased in his father's will of 1700 and also in
the entry for his daughter's marriage in 1700. Sources of
information: Vital records of Newbury, Massachusetts, to the
end of the year 1849; New England Historical and Genealogical
Register (vol:page). 'Old Newbury': In 1677 John Noyes bought
of Edmund Moores, Jr. eleven acres of land that had formerly
belonged to John Hull, late of Newbury, and was known as Hull's
Plain. John Noyes died in 1691, leaving a family of ten
children. He built one half of the house still standing in
1912, the other half built by a later generation. NEHGR:
Declared freeman 9 Jan 1673/74. Noyes Pedigree: He died in
Newbury, intestate, 1691/92, and his widow Mary and son
Nicholas were appointed administrators and made their account
28 Sep 1693/94; the personal estate was £309, and the real
estate £246 (303:158, at Salem). In the account 3 Apr 1696, of
widow Mary, mention is made of an agreement 30 Jul 1695 between
her and her sons Nicholas and Daniel, concerning them and their
seven brothers and sisters who are mentioned by name.
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