Nicholas Jr. Noyes

This is the homepage of Nicholas Jr. Noyes, a member (in the 16th generation) of a great family.
Nicholas has 14 ancestors.

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Name:Nicholas Jr. Noyes               
Born:1647-12-22 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Died:1717-12-13 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Father: Nicholas Noyes
Mother: Mary Cutting

Nicholas was made freeman 13 May 1669. He preached 13 years
at Haddam, Connecticut and became the seventh minister in
Salem, Massachusetts 23 Oct 1682-83 with a salary of £80 and 20
cords of wood annually, and was ordained over the First Church
14 Nov 1683. He officiated as clergyman at the hanging of the
witches, 22 Sep 1692, and later in life he repented of his part
in the witchcraft persecutions, and did what he could to assist
the dependent families. In 1698 he preached the election
sermon, and about 1702 wrote the memoir of his uncle Rev. James
Noyes, in Mather's Magnalia. Rev Nicholas never married.
Savage, Vol. 3, p.298: NICHOLAS, Salem, s. of the preced.
Nicholas preach. many yrs. at Haddam, but having in 1682 a call
to S. to assist the venera. John Higginson, he became his
collea. ord. 14 Nov. 1683, was one of the promoters of the
horrible delusion of 1692, and yet a d. of his noble collea.
was one of the accused. He died not altogether lose his
faculties, as his let. to Mather of the character of his uncle,
wh. is certain. one of the best parts of the strange. compound
of materials in the Magnalia; as also a good epistle to John
Higginson in London, preserv. in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 212,
will prove. He d. 13 Dec. 1717, unm. According to 'Col.
Fam.,'...freeman 13 May 1669; Chaplain of Conn. Regt. at the
Great Swamp Fight, 19 Dec. 1675.' Also, a witness at the
hanging of at least 4 'witches' in Salem. Hist. of Salem, Vol
III, p.127: The largest library in Salem at this period
belonged to Rev. Nicholas Noyes, which was valued at the time
of his death at £88, eighteen shillings and eight pence. Books
had greatly increased in numbers, and a variety of subject
matter. Religious books were not in the great majority that
they had been. Hist. of Salem, Vol III, p.408: After the death
of Mr. Higginson, Rev. Nicholas Noyes was the sole pastor of
the First Church. It appears that he wished to have George
Corwin, as a colleague, soon after Mr. Higginson's death. At
length, in May, 1711, he was invited to become a colleague of
Mr. Noyes over the First Church here. 'Nicholas Noyes at Salem
(Mass?) before 1685 wrote this homely, yet sensible quatrain :
They who write histories Write many things they see with
others' eyes ; 'Tis fair, where nought is feigned, nor
undigested, Nor ought but what is credibly attested.'
Unquote. (Nought (naught) means nothing, and ought
(aught) means anything in the above verse. Nought,
naught, nothing has changed in 318 years regarding confirmation
of data. eminiscences: Preached at Haddam, Conn., thirteen
years, ordained over the first society in Salem, Nov. 14th,
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