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This is the homepage of Richard Loewe, a member (in the 22th generation) of a great family.
Richard has 7 heirs.

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Name:Richard Loewe               Richard Loewe ~18701870 
Born:1846-03-01 in Germany
Died:after 1910 in USA
Married to Anna W. C. Loewe since about 1889
Married to Hedwig Helene Ferdinande Lindenberg since 1001-01-01
Son: Wilhelm Loewe born 1877-06-01
Son: Werner Richard Loewe born 1878-05-01
Son: Herbert W. C. Loewe born 1892-02-12
Daughter: Alice Loewe born 1893-07-22
Richard was a prussian officer. After he lost his wife in 1880 and 3 years later his two sons, he emigrated to the USA in 1884(?). During the travel from Hamburg/Germany to New York, he became a friend of the american officer Edward Williams. Edward invited him to Washington, where Richard lived for some months. Later Richard became a teacher in West Point (for tactics and the German language).
Unfortunately, we lost contact with him. If anybody knows something about his children, let me know.
Researcher's diary
16.03.2008 I found him in the Census 1900 for NY Bronx. He was indexed as "Loew", but the original scan shows "Loewe", born March 1846, 11 Jahre verh. 3 Kinder (3 lebend) 1886 in die USA. Cook, Clerk?
Wife: Annie, 38, Herbert (8) und Alice (6)
14.03.2008 I found him in a Census 1910, living in NY
24.10.2009 An Anna Loewe married 1888 in Manhattan
S0ohn des SanitÃĪtsrats Wilhelm Loewe, Loecknitz
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