Augusta Von Langenhagen

This is the homepage of Augusta Von Langenhagen, a member (in the 23th generation) of a great family.
Augusta has 6 ancestors and 102 heirs.

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Name:Augusta Von Langenhagen               
Born:1843-11-11 in USA
Died:1932-04-30 in Unknown
Mother: Phillipina Augusta Tampke
Married to Henry Weltner
Married to Samuel Parsons since 1862-05-30
Daughter: Laura Parsons born after 1855
Daughter: Ellen Parsons born after 1856
Daughter: Saphronia Kate Parsons born after 1857
Daughter: Nellie Parsons born after 1858
Daughter: Lillie E. Parsons born 1863-03-25
Daughter: Ella Parsons born 1863-03-25
Son: Edwin August Parsons born 1870-04-06
Daughter: Flora Weltner born about 1878
Augusta Von Langenhagen was born in Germany November 11, 1843. She came to America with her mother, Phillipine Tampke when she was about 2 years old. Phillipine later married Ludwig (wrong: It was Fritz) Mumme. She was raised as the oldest child in a large household of half brothers and sisters.
Augusta married Samuel Parsons May 30, 1862 in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA, and they had six children. She married Henry Weltner May 2, 1879 and they had three children. The names of the children are unknown.
The Augusta who married Henry Weltner was born 1849 (according to Census). Entweder ist es eine andere Augusta oder sie hat damals ihr Alter falsch angegeben, damit sie Samuel mit 13 heiraten konnte.
In the Census 1860, Augusta is not living with her parents.
At the US authorities, Philemina named her child "von Langenhagen", but there is no family "von Langenhagen" ("von" means, they are a noble family and these are well documented) in Germany. And even if, without a marriage, Augusta's name would be "Tampke". So I think, it might be a misunderstanding (or Philemina's intention) because "Langenhagen" is also a city near Hannover, where Philemina was born. Maybe she wanted to say "The father is from Langenhagen" (German: "Der Vater ist von Langenhagen").
29.03.2008 I found her in the US census 1880 as "Auguste Weltner". Her age is given with 35 (b. 1845)
Augusta 's page in the Mumme book;
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