Albert Weaver Lombard

This is the homepage of Albert Weaver Lombard, a member (in the 21th generation) of a great family.
Albert has 87 ancestors and 92 heirs.

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Pangalan:Albert Weaver Lombard               
Araw ng Kapanganakan:1810-08-12 Lugar Massachusetts
Araw ng Pagkamatay:1895-01-13 Lugar Kincaid, Anderson, Kansas
Pangalan ng Ama: Erasmus Lombard
Pangalang ng Ina: Sabria A. Dunham
Pangalan ng Asawa (Mga naging asawa):
Kasal kay Betsey Delana Rouse Simula 1831-11-06
Kasal kay Emily Mosley Simula 1001-01-01
Kasal kay Sina Yates Simula 1001-01-01
Anak (Mga Anak):
Daughter: Deliza Madelia Lombard Araw ng Kapanganakan 1832-08-04
Son: Horace Lombard Araw ng Kapanganakan about 1836
Son: Albert Van Buren Lombard Araw ng Kapanganakan 1836-02-17
Son: Horace Edward Lombard Araw ng Kapanganakan 1837-03-17
Son: Julius Ransom Lombard Araw ng Kapanganakan 1840-06-06
Daughter: Francis Weaver ? Araw ng Kapanganakan 1843-11-25
Daughter: Emily Augusta Lombard Araw ng Kapanganakan 1853-08-29
Son: Edwin Erastus Lombard Araw ng Kapanganakan 1856-11-06

Florence Irwin reported in 1976 that she found AWL in the 1850
Indiana census, St. Joseph County, Mishawaka, Penn Township,
page 221. Same records show James Irwin married to Delisa M.
(Lumbard), 18 years of age. Those records are the source of
the additional progeny of Lumbard. Two different mothers are
assumed, based on the fact that Betsy died in 1838.
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