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My Roots - Meine Wurzeln

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Here we will build up the ancestor trees of the families
Atkinson, Balzen, Barry, Bischof, Blumberg, Bohmfalk, Bonham, Breiten, Britsch, Coffin, Currier, Elley, Elliot, Enderle, Ernst, Faseler, Finger, Fischer, Fohn, Gebhardt, Gerdes, Halsey, Harborth, Hines, Hubbard, Imgarten, Irwin, King, Kinsey, Klein, Knodel, Koch, Koepsel, Lindenberg, Locke, Lombard, Melvin, Meuth, Moody, Muennink, Mumme, Mummen, Nagel, Neumann, Noyes, Oefinger, Revilla, Ricketts, Rothe, Saathoff, Schaper, Schartow, Schneider, Schuehle, Schumann, Schwausch, Schweers, Seefisch, Sick, Sils, Singenstreu, Smith, Stiegler, Sumner, Tampke, Thompson, Uhr, Voges, Von Roeder, Vordenbaum, Wiemers, Willmann, Zinsmeyer, (name list) and many more.
Everybody will be entered who has any long term relationship (children, parents, spouses, adoptions, life-partners) to any other member of our family.
This means that with every marriage another bunch of new family members will join this family tree.There are 21619 persons registered with an own page.
Currently we can track our ancestors back to the 11th century and they are living all over the world.

To maintain this server and the fees for the databases for my researches costs a lot of money every year. I will try to keep this website free of advertisements and I really would appreciate, when you support my work here with some few dollars.
Thank you very much.
(10,00 Euro)
(10.00 US-Dollar)
(Jeder Betrag hilft bei der weiteren Forschung)
(Any amount would help further researches)
The receiver is my company, which is running this server: "quality-Datenbank Klaus Gebhardt e.K."

The following links are interesting for researchers and interested relatives:If you like to help, write me.

Klaus Gebhardt

Overview about the recent and coming important days



1930-04-22 George Jr. Sassman
1944-04-22 Günther Hempel
1944-04-23 Paula Sue Davis
1916-04-23 Ruth Odell Dixon
1928-04-23 Florence Fern Wade
1959-04-23 Henning Seefisch
             Happy Birthday!
1920-04-24 Ethel Minnie Schumann
1923-04-24 Irma Grace Haller
1936-04-25 Günter Schulz
1910-04-26 Ernst Oppermann
1921-04-27 Dorothy Pauline Patterson
2006-04-28 Francesca Paige Singenstreu
1914-04-29 Dora Mae McAnelly
1962-04-30 Felix Buenavista
1911-04-30 Frank Elmer Schweers
1916-05-01 Hugo Siebold
1923-05-01 Erika Graßmann
1709-04-23 Hans Heinrich Melchior Mummen
1703-04-23 Hedwig Funcke
1973-04-23 Thekla O. Schumann
1865-04-23 Lucy Giles
1996-04-24 Beulah Onalee Johnson
1730-04-24 Thomas Esq. Noyes
1682-04-24 Daniel Halsey
1905-04-24 C.G.E. !Arthur Lindenberg
1970-04-24 Ursula Probst
1897-04-25 Wilhelm Friedrich Ludwig Seefisch
1798-04-25 Benjamin Sumner
1907-04-25 Fannie M. Collins
1938-04-25 Corda Elmer Sandborn



Here you can find an overview about
all names.

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