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This is the homepage of Otelia Sasse, a member (in the 23th generation) of a great family.
Otelia has 2 ancestors and 379 heirs.

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Name:Otelia Sasse               
Born:1844-04-28 in Fredericksburg b. Berlin
Died:1944-01-03 in Kenedy, Texas
Father: Heinrich Sasse
Mother: Dorothy Sasse
Married to Heinrich Carl Ferdinand Mumme since 1863-01-01
Son: Louis Carl Mumme born 1865-06-18
Son: Carl Theodore Mumme born 1867-02-16
Son: Otto Frederick Mumme born 1871-01-20
Son: Hugo Mumme born about 1873
Daughter: Janella Otilla Mumme born 1877-11-19
Daughter: Annie Alvine Mumme born 1880-11-19
Son: Benjamin George Mumme born 1888-01-23
Son: Eddie Mumme born 1891-02-02
1910 - Kenedy
Otelia Sasse was born April 28, 1844 to Heinrich and Dorothy Sasse. this family lived in Germany in the city of Fredericksburg about 15 miles from Berlin. (Red.: Nach Preußens König Friedrich II. (1712–1786) war der 1872 eröffnete Nordringbahnhof Friedrichsberg benannt, der später Bahnhof Frankfurter Allee hieß; Friedrichsberg war 1771 als Kolonie unweit von Lichtenberg gegründet worden.) For many years Heinrich went back and forth to work in a coach drawn by two horses. He wore a cap and had a cape thrown back about his shoulders.
Heinrich and his family lived in a lovely three-story brick home surrounded by beautiful cherry orchard and flower gardens. A valley could be seen in the distance. About 12 tenants lived in smaller homes near the large house. There was also a raspberry orchard.
One house-keeper was in service for 30 years. The kitchen had a cement floor.
When Otelia was a child of six, her mother put her in school under a fine teacher. There she learned reading, writing and arithmetic. She left school in 1865 (probably 1856) , at the age of 12, when the family came to America. (She left school 1856??)
Because of more threats of war with France, even though Heinrich was offered a Captaincy of the German Armies, he resigned and moved with his faimly to America.
The family was on board ship six weeks and had a fine trip. They met many nice people and had plenty to eat. They landed at Indianola and then moved to Yorktown where they purchased cattle and several hundred acres of land and started farming.
The first night at Yorktown, after everything was in order, Heinrich sat in the yard and looked up at the sky and said, "Now do not be afraid but we are going to have a war here in the United States." Soon after this, the Civil War broke out (Der Amerikanische Bürgerkrieg brach 1861 aus) . Otelia's four brothers, Henry, Fritz, Louis, and Karl all went to war and returned.
With her marriage to Rev. Ferdinand Mumme, Otelia served in God's work. She died in Kenedy, Jan. 3, 1944, after living the last ten years of her life with her son, Bennie.
The children of Ferdinand Mumme and Otelia Sasse were:
Louis Carl Mumme - born Jun. 19, 1865 - married Agnes Korth
Carl Theodore - born Feb. 16, 1867 - married Christine Schweers
Otto Frederick - born Jan. 20, 1871 - married Emma Karbach
Hugo - drowned when nine years old.
Janella Otilla - born Aug. 19, 1877 - died 1880.
Annie Alvine - born Nov. 19, 1880 - married Charles Frederick Reinhardt.
Benjamin (Bennie) George - born Jan. 23, 1888 - married Hedwig Juenger
Eddie - born Feb. 2, 1891 - died as an infant.
US Census 1870 indexed as Artitia, 1920 indexed as Attila.
Otelia's page in the Mumme book;
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