Nellie Ann Clough

This is the homepage of Nellie Ann Clough, a member (in the 23th generation) of a great family.
Nellie has 2 heirs.

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Name:Nellie Ann Clough               
Born:1882-02-25 in Warren, Marion, Ohio
Died:1946-09-13 in Lafayette, Indiana
Married to John J. Irwin since 1905-09-25
Daughter: Flossie Mae Irwin born 1908-03-27
Daughter: Evelyn Belle Irwin born 1909-07-11

She was a Bible worker. My father's first wife (Enda Carr) was
sick with scarlet fever and Elder S E Wight suggested 'why
don't you have sister Clough to come and care for her.' She
left her Bible work in Houghton and Hancock Mi. and helped take
care of Edna Carr his 1st wife until she died.'
With a table knife she scraped the bread board to get all the
flour off explaining that in time you'd have a whole sack full.
Sewed well, girls could tell her they wanted a sleeve from one
dress in the catalog and a collar from another dress and she'd
make a dress for them like they wanted it. She still was
sewing for them in college. She made quilts, tatted, crocheted,
She always wore a house dress, but after dinner she wore a
better dress. always ate in dinning room when Pa Pa was home.
Often visted neighbors. Kept Cookies on hand. Went to Cedar
Lake Academy, also took nurses training.
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