Evelyn Belle Irwin

This is the homepage of Evelyn Belle Irwin, a member (in the 24th generation) of a great family.
Evelyn has 9 ancestors; further 231 relatives by blood (38 living).

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Name:Evelyn Belle Irwin               
Born:1909-07-11 in Petosky, Michigan
Died:unknown to us
Father: John J. Irwin
Mother: Nellie Ann Clough
Married to Frank Alwyn Marsh since 1935-07-09

Graduated from Walderly Academy 1927, Went to College at
Emmanuel Missionary College, 3 years. Took a two year course
for Bible worker. 1933 Graduated from nursing School in
Boulder, CO 1934. Worked at Madison General Hospital, (Madison
Wi) Then moved to Lafayette, IN and worked as Special Duty
nurse, also St Elizabeth Hospital. They moved back to Wi in
1951 and worked at Dane County Home until she retired in 1971.
I was born in a hospital in Petoskey, MI and named after my
fathers only sister Belle. My family lived in Petoskey, MI
until I was 6 years old, then we moved to Ashland, WI where we
lived until I finished Academy. I went to church school up
stairs in our house at Ashland for the 1st two grades, then
finished grade school when school was moved to the same
building that had our church, and conf office in it. As a
student I often was the only one in my grade. I did take some
classes with another grade. My ambition was to be a nurse. We
learned to play on the pump organ. Mother cooked on a wood
stove in the winter and used a kerosene four-burner stove in
the summer. As a girl my favorite song of 'Moonlight and
Roses' Season, Summer Color Blue and pink, Sport, I saved my
money to buy skis, and a tennis racket. I loved to roller
skate. Favorite food, likely ice cream, fruit. Subject in
school, likely Bible because it was easy. I was graduated
from Walderly Academy in 1927. 1930 from two-yr Bibleworkers
course. EMC . 1934 RN from Boulder, CO Hosp and Sanitarium.
After I finished school I stayed at Boulder Hosp for one year
after graduation. I worked as an office nurse for an ENT
Doctor and Boulder Hosp where I graduated.
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