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This is the homepage of Hulda Blumberg, a member (in the 23th generation) of a great family.
Hulda has 2 ancestors and 188 heirs.

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Name:Hulda Blumberg               
Born:about 1838 in Kokocko, Posen, Prussia
Died:unknown to us
Father: Carl F Blumberg
Mother: Katherine Ruff
Married to Michael Koepsel since 1001-01-01
Son: August Carl Koepsel born 1859-01-24
Son: Gustav Koepsel born about 1864
Daughter: Hulda Koepsel born about 1868
Daughter: Natalia Koepsel born about 1869
Daughter: Pauline Koepsel born about 1869
Son: Robert Koepsel born about 1869
Son: Carl Koepsel born about 1872
Daughter: Martha Koepsel born about 1874
Son: Willie E. Koepsel born about 1876
Daughter: Lydia Koepsel born about 1879
Daughter: Mathilda Koepsel born 1944-06-05
From the Blumberg Klan Book (Author C. F. Blumberg published 1938):
Hulda was the youngest child and, as is generally the case, the pet of the family. She was only a few years old when per parents left their fatherland. She was of a sweet disposition, devoted to her parents, brothers and sisters, and very religious.
When she reached womanhood, she gave her hand in marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Michael Koepsel. The elder Koepsel's had been neighbors to the Blumberg's in Germany. The young people made their home, contrary to present public advice, with Koepsel's parents who also had their home here close to the Blumberg's. Hulda, in a sense, lost her mother, but she regained a similar one in her mother-in-law. Grandma Koepsel and Grandma Blumberg were persons of the same caliber, devoted to the welfare of their kinfolks. Mother Koepsel would, during Methodist Conferences, bake in her large brick oven enough bread for all visitors for tow or three days, her husband, Carl Koepsel, would kill an ox and barbecue it to feed the crowd, and Hulda and the young husband would lend a helping hand.
The young and the old family got along nicely, and stayed together until the Lord called the old Koepsels home. The Koepsel's raised a family of twelve children, three children died in infancy. Their oldest son, August, became the father of eight children, and each child founded a family and, with perhaps one exception, each family raised a fine bunch of children. During 50 years, there was not a single death in their families. Certainly that is a fine record and proves that the Koepsels are a healthy set. At our first Reunion, there was mutual surprise between August Koepsel's family and other clan families. The new relatives were surprised at the volume of kinfolks and the blood relatives the Koepsels brought into the clan family. ---- The dead parents and dead grandparents would have rejoiced, could they have seen this addition.
But other members of this branch are prominent too: The daughter, Hulda, who received her mother's name in baptism, gave the Klan fourteen members, seven children and seven grandchildren.
Aunt Hulda was a Christian of the highest type. She died some twenty years ago. Michael Koepsel was a lifelong friend of my father; for a long time they were neighbors. They stood together, shoulder to shoulder, in the upbuilding of their church. They were also comrades in the war, members of Ireland's company. They died only a few months apart, in 1912. I was at the deathbead of both. Father was in a come for 24 hours. Uncle Michael departed differently. Two hours before breathing his last, he said to me: "Here you are, Karl. I am going. My brother is already waiting on Jordan's Ufer (bank) for me, to welcome me home. I am going gladly." Uncle and Aunt Koepsel rest in the Riverside Cemetery next to my parents.
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